Elevate Instruction with Upgrades in Gale Interactive: Science

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Find more tools to engage students in science instruction with the latest enhancements in Gale Interactive: Science. Discover how to make learning seamless in Canvas or Schoology with deep linking. Plus, explore 15 new 3D models available to provide hands-on lessons in biology, physics, chemistry, and more.

Offer access to engaging science activities from Gale Interactive: Science directly within your learning management system (LMS) workflow. Gale Interactive: Science now supports deep linking in Canvas and Schoology.

Gale Interactive: Science will appear with other Gale resources in the toolset for generating assignments. Once opened in Canvas or Schoology, an instructor can select an activity from Gale Interactive: Science to be linked within their course with a single click.

Once Gale Interactive: Science is integrated with Canvas or Schoology, look for the blue “Link to Activity” button to link the activity in an assignment.

 Product screen capture as of April 2024. Actual interface may vary.

When students open an assignment in Canvas or Schoology, they will be linked directly to the activity you’ve shared.

Product screen capture as of April 2024. Actual interface may vary.

In addition to using this deep linking functionality, you can also download an app for Gale Interactive: Science through the Schoology App Center.

Ready to get started? Ensure Gale Interactive: Science is integrated with Canvas or Schoology to enable deep linking. Please contact your customer success manager with any questions about setting up Gale Interactive: Science in your LMS.

Use hands-on learning to engage students in scientific concepts with 3D models that they can rotate, zoom into, and explore. Fifteen new models are now available in Gale Interactive: Science to help science educators aid understanding and comprehension.

Each new model activity is aligned with national standards, including Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

New Models by Subject:

  • Biology: COVID-19, Dog, Ecological Pyramid, Shark, Stegosaurus, and Woolly Mammoth
  • Chemistry: Water Treatment Plant
  • Earth and Space Science: Bodies of Water
  • Human Anatomy: Human (Body) and Human Skull
  • Physics: Fuel Cell, Hydro Power Plant, Pulley, Water Pump, and Wind Turbine 
Product screen capture as of April 2024. Actual interface may vary.

No action is needed for current subscribers of Gale Interactive: Science to gain access to these new 3D models.

If you have questions about these product enhancements or need help integrating Gale Interactive: Science in Canvas or Schoology to enable deep linking, please reach out to your customer success manager.

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