New ReadSpeaker Enhancements for Improved Accessibility

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| By Gale Staff |

Small steps toward more accessible resources lead to leaps in equitable learning opportunities. This April, we’re upgrading all Gale resources with ReadSpeaker technology to a new, enhanced version to improve experiences for your learners and researchers.

ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool that enables users to listen to content, read along with highlighted text, adjust reading speed and volume, or download an MP3 file for offline listening. These auditory and visual tools remove access barriers, making it possible for all students to learn using Gale’s digital resources.

  • Updated speaking voice that is more accessible to young learners.
  • Users will find a simplified toolbar that features the most used controls. 
  • Controls that are used less frequently are available in an easily accessible drop-down menu.
  • Enlarged text control is also in the drop-down menu for easier access. 

  • New reader controls on the enlarged text box allow users to conveniently pause reading from wherever they are on a page.

  • Improved performance of ReadSpeaker technology with a faster start time gives learners and researchers a superior experience.
  • Users will have easier access to the most important and most used ReadSpeaker tools.
  • Increased mobile responsiveness of the new ReadSpeaker technology will make it easier for users to learn on the go.

No action is needed to receive these ReadSpeaker updates. Your Gale resources will be automatically updated, and no action is needed on your end for enhancements to go live. Have questions about ReadSpeaker enhancements or other accessibility features? Find technical support 24/7 on the Gale support site.

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