Product Updates: New In Context content for 10/06/14

Gale is continually updating and adding new content to our In Context products, ensuring that they offer timely, authoritative, useful information. The items below were added or updated during the week of October 6, 2014.

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Did You Know: Rock and Roll, it’s here to stay!

Did you know?

Did you know…that when it comes to music, Rock is such a broad category people organize the definition around a genre? Examples include Elvis Presley was Rockabilly, Bob Dylan as folk, Public Enemy as rappers and even Madonna who was considered a disco diva. Read all about it in GVRL’s What is Rock? The Birth of Rock & Roll: Music in the 1950s Through the 1960s. Check it out or call your rep for more information.

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School Librarian Feeds Sharks

By Margot H. 

My 5th-grader loves her school librarian, Miss S., who is quirky in the best possible ways. We often see her around town, walking while reading a book. Her newly hatched chicks are always a big draw at Back-to-School-Night. And Miss S. has a special knack for helping each student find the perfect book.

Last week, my daughter came home from school excited to share a story involving the librarian and our beloved Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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From The Board Room To The Book Room

By Margaux D. 

This is my story, what a great journey it has been!

I am a total geek and am so proud of it! Growing up I spent every free moment of my weekends and summers at the library. In college I used to cut the classes that I did not enjoy to hole up in the library and read for hours on end. The library has always been a comforting place for me and continues to welcome and nurture me like the supportive arms of a best friend.

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Library Power

By Jennifer M. 

Growing up in a small town in La. in the late’60’s-early ’70’s, I spent a lot of time in our local library. It was air-conditioned in that brutal heat, and I could stay as long as I wanted, reading. The librarian, Mrs. Reynolds, was awesome! She would let me “help” her shelve books and straighten magazines, or clean shelves. She would hold the newest Nancy Drew or Donna Parker books for me. When I grew out of those, she guided me to more mature reading like Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart. Her recommendations were always right on the mark!

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