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| By Deirdre Hiam |

Diets! Almost everyone has tried one and many people are on one right now—66% of Americans, according to Women’s Marketing1. A recent Washington Post article stated that “45 million Americans go on a diet each year2.”  In fact, Americans also spend over $33 billion on weight loss products each year,” according to the Boston Medical Center3. Yet, only about 5% of dieters manage to keep the weight off. Google Insights shows that searches on the word “diet” have increased consistently since 2007 (when the first edition of Gale Encyclopedia of Diets was published). A steady stream of new diets charge us year after year to shed those extra pounds, invariably making the diet world challenging to navigate.

Enter the Gale Encyclopedia of Diets, 3rd edition! This two-volume, A-Z encyclopedia has over 300 entries written and reviewed by professionals with backgrounds in nutrition and health. It makes for an excellent one-stop diet resource guide. The content is relevant to everyone, with topics ranging from nutrition basics to weight-loss diets to medical conditions with dietary components. Cabbage soup diet? Check. Ketogenic diets? Check. Chocolate Diet? Mmmmm…Check! There are also diets that may help with medical issues. Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and Celiac disease are covered in this extremely informative encyclopedia as well.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets, 3rd edition is a useful, educational product that crosses from the academic market into the public one effortlessly. The public market is looking for a dependable, thorough, and informative product to help sort through hundreds of diet plans and nutritional information. Academic libraries will apply it as a tool for nutrition and health students and professors.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets was recognized with a Library Journal Best of Reference Award in 2007 and a RUSA’s Outstanding Reference Source in 2009. This new 3rd edition continues in that award-winning style. Peanut butter diet anyone?

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets is available October 2018 in print and eBook format through our platform, GVRL >>

Meet the Author

Deirdre Hiam has worked at Gale for nearly 20 years. She started as an intern in 2000 and never left. Deirdre has worked primarily on the many different restructurings of the Science team and is currently a member of the BFLASH team (biographies, film, law, automotive, science, and health). Deirdre is also very optimistic about trying some of the diets in GEOD, starting on January 1st of course.

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