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| By Thorndike Press Staff |

March 2 is National Read Across America Day, and what better time for librarians to share tools that make reading more accessible? Thorndike Press has more than 1,000 titles in a large-print format specifically designed for young learners struggling to read. This March, take advantage of our curated collections to help more children fall in love with reading.

National Read Across America Day also marks the beginning of Read Across America Week, celebrated from March 2–6 this year. This year, as libraries and schools around the United States plan events to help get students excited about reading, let’s not only celebrate reading but let’s work to help those who may find reading difficult. Make Thorndike Press’ large print collections your go-to resource for more accessible titles. By highlighting the benefits of youth large print, you can support diverse learners and help share your love for reading.

Leverage the Benefits of Large Print Books

One way to share your love for reading is to leverage the benefits of large print books. There are many rewards that large print books provide—this format is less intimidating for new or struggling readers, and it can even help improve overall literacy. Learn more about some of these surprising advantages.

Improve Reading Comprehension

The large print books within the Thorndike Press collections have slightly larger spaces between each word and subsequent lines; plus, our high-contrast black ink helps the actual text stand out from the page. It’s amazing what a difference a few small adjustments can have on overall reading comprehension. With fewer words on the page, the reader’s eyes move slower, helping to improve their ability to visualize the words they are reading. As a matter of fact, a Project Tomorrow study provides new insights into the role of Thorndike Press large print books as a low-cost intervention tool to support student reading skills, development, and self-concept. As an added benefit, teachers have noticed that students reading from large-print books are less distracted.

Engage Struggling Readers

For many teens, reading from traditional-sized print can cause stress, making them more avoidant to reading. Large print is less intimidating, which helps reduce anxiety for young readers. Once readers overcome initial hurdles, they’ll become more comfortable and competent, seeking more challenging books. Luckily, the Thorndike Press collection also features many of the most popular series for young readers today, making these already captivating stories more accessible.

Reduce Stigma

Our large-print books look nearly identical to their standard-font counterparts, making our resources even more inclusive. Too often, children who struggle to read feel ostracized, especially in today’s competitive classrooms. Large print books encourage readers to slow down and practice, helping build up their confidence. And with so many popular titles from which to choose, they’ll be able to access the same books as their peers.

Plan Inclusive Events to Celebrate Read Across America Week

With your expanded collection of large print titles, you can plan your Read Across America events with more resources for diverse learners. Maybe feature a different title from the Thorndike collection each day throughout the week, highlighting a range of genres. Or plan a scavenger hunt of things to find while reading (i.e., find a character who is an animal). You might also consider inviting local authors to come to lead a book talk. Finally, help young readers share their favorite stories through hands-on crafts and other activities (like creating a personalized bookmark or collage).

With so many benefits, it seems like a no-brainer—schools and public libraries need more large print options. This is easier said than done sometimes, but that’s where Thorndike Press comes in! You can immediately expand your large-print collection via one user-friendly resource. Plus, our catalog includes everything from award-winners like Because of Winn-Dixie to best-sellers like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Are you excited about the chance to offer your readers large print books? Check out our extensive catalog.

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