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Hyundai and Genesis have been entwined since a decade ago, when Hyundai introduced a luxury model called Genesis. Its success led to Genesis spinning off as its own brand in 2017. With this latest release, ChiltonLibrary updates its Hyundai Motor Company service information.


We cover the Genesis brand as it stepped out from under Hyundai’s canopy in 2017 and through the 2022 model years. That’s 2019–2023 G70, 2017–2022 G80 and G90, and 2021–2022 GV80. Looking ahead for 2023, ChiltonLibrary has comprehensive coverage of the G70, wiring diagrams for the GV70, and will be adding more in the future.


ChiltonLibrary also includes Genesis models when they were badged as Hyundai. The new release includes:

2013–2021 Accent    2013–2021 Elantra    2013–2020 Elantra GT   
2013–2017 Azera    2013–2014 Elantra Coupe2013–2016 Equus   
2013–2016 Genesis       2019–2021 Nexo             2013–2021 Sonata          
2013–2016 Genesis Coupe2020–2021 Palisade       2013–2022 Tucson         
2017–2021 Ioniq    2022 Santa Cruz               2013–2021 Veloster      
2018–2022 Kona             2013–2021 Santa Fe      2019–2021 Veloster N  
2019–2022 Kona Electric2013–2018 Santa Fe Sport2020–2022 Venue

What’s in the Update?

This service information release is comprehensive. In the screenshot below, note the table of contents in the left pane. This glimpse of main subject areas reveals a breadth and depth of topics.

The sample below is from the “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning” section. At this time of year, it can be critical to keep vehicle windows fog-free. Diagnosing fogged windows can mean searching for a small item, like the automatic defogging actuator, in a densely packed engine compartment. Knowing where to find it saves time and avoids frustration. Handy component locations in ChiltonLibrary, like the screenshot below, help speed repairs.

Enlarging the component location image provides more detail to locate the auto defogging actuator.

2022 Diagnostic Coverage

When a vehicle’s onboard computers illuminate a dashboard warning light, there’s an error message that can help fix the problem. ChiltonLibrary’s diagnostic coverage helps decode error messages, like diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), with wiring inspection procedures, electrical schematics, component inspection and location, and more.

Hyundai just released 2022 diagnostic coverage (with further information to follow) for the Accent, Elantra, Elantra N, Ioniq, Ioniq 5, Kona N, Nexo, Palisade, Santa Fe, Sonata, Veloster N, and Venue. The 2022 Santa Fe release also includes wiring diagrams.

A schematic drawing from the “Diagnostic” section for the 2022 Hyundai Elantra integrated body control unit is shown below. Wire color coding and links to related information aid troubleshooting.

ChiltonLibrary is leading the way with comprehensive service and repair information for Hyundai and Genesis. Take ChiltonLibrary for a spin―request a free trial or contact your library consultant to subscribe.

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