Comparative Review: Opposing Viewpoints in Context and Points of View Reference Center

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The results are in: Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the clear winner! In an issue of The Charleston Review, Susan Moore of Limestone pitted Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints In Context (OVIC) against EBSCO’s Points of View Reference Center (POV).

Both resources aim to introduce users to current events, social issues, and controversial topics while providing sources for essential resources. According to Moore, POV doesn’t quite hit the mark like OVIC does. She says, “OVIC is clearly the winner when compared to POV for researching current events, social issues, and controversial topics. OVIC offers targeted results for each topic and contains the information within categories that are easily identifiable by the user.” The key here is targeted results.

While OVIC doesn’t offer the quantity of sources that POV offers, it sticks with quality of sources to ensure students are finding exactly what they need to help with their research. The same cannot necessarily be said for POV, as “users will note duplicates and articles that deviate from the topic.”

The review covers pricing options, product description, and a critical evaluation of user interface, searchability, and content*. The full review is available online at or here. Find out why when students need to learn about today’s hottest social issues, Opposing Viewpoints In Context is their go-to resource.

*This review took place before the Google sign in integration. To learn more about the integration, read it sneakers mens 2018 fall boots clearance

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