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Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy and Chemistry have been positively reviewed recently by Magan Szwarek, a director of Reference Services. A lover of audiobooks and a dedicated readers’ advisor, Magan serves on the Steering Committee of the Adult Reading Round Table and is enthusiastic about re-imaging what public libraries can offer the communities they serve.

This impressive review, published in April of this year in Booklist, distills the value of Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy and Chemistry in a paragraph:

Gale Interactive introduces interactive 3-D models to college-level course study, creating an immersive experience meant to enhance traditional text-based instruction. These two modules, Chemistry and Human Anatomy (available as separate purchases and joining a third module, Science), lead students through a series of specific and interactive lessons, which are grouped into searchable categories. Chemistry students can explore elements, reactions, crystals, molecules, and compounds; while anatomy students can deep dive into specific systems or regions of the body. Users can explore 3-D models by zooming in, rotating, and dissecting them. Each guided session is supplemented by relevant content pulled from Gale reference sources and is downloadable and exportable, and notes can be saved. The Human Anatomy module includes a collection of STL files that may be downloaded to 3-D printing software. There are self-assessment tools throughout. A robust help section, particularly useful in the case of the modeling software, rounds out this collection of products, suitable for academic libraries.
— Magan Szwarek, director of Reference Services, Schaumburg Township District Library

Originally posted on Booklist, April 2017

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