ECCO Just Got Bigger… Well, Sort of.

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Are you a fan of our essential primary source database, Eighteenth Century Collections Online?

Well, next time you log on to ECCO, be sure to check out the orange and white banner in the header. Clicking on it will make your ECCO experience even bigger and better, because ECCO is now cross-searchable with six of our other most treasured collections as part of the powerful new research platform, Gale Artemis:  Primary Sources.

Learn more about what’s included as part of Gale Artemis by visiting our designated webpage, or just jump in ECCO, click on the banner, and go check it out. If you own two or more applicable collections, you will automatically be granted access. If you don’t, give your rep a call to find out more.

We especially think you’ll enjoy our Nineteenth Century Collections Online, or NCCO, which provides access to millions of pages of eighteenth century content not contained in ECCO. Give it a try.  If you like what you see, please bookmark Gale Artemis for future use.


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