TLA Diary: Day 1

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TLA – It’s Here!

It was the first official day of TLA! The exhibit floor chock full of vendors – big and small- and each with a different story to tell (or in some cases a different giveaway to offer visitors).

As the official start time drew near the crowds were starting to form just outside the entrance to the exhibit hall. The clock struck 5:30 p.m., we were off to the races. And what a race it was. Several hundred people made their way into the exhibit hall – all in search of the best book or most unique giveaway. One would’ve thought it was Black Friday and there was a great deal on electronics or clothing!

TLA Day 1 Crowd

The Gale booth was aflutter with the news of our new K12 partnership with the longhorn state. What does that mean? Gale will now be providing a Texas-sized list of digital resources to every public school in Texas. Now that’s some big “Texas-Style” news. You want Gale Virtual Reference Library, you got it. How about Student Resources in Context? You bet! Literature Resource Center, is that one? Absolutely it’s there along with many more award winning resources.

Presentations were the name of the game in the Gale booth. Folks settled in to learn about what’s new with our K12 products and to find out what’s happening in Texas and the new partnership with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission – now that’s Bigger, Badder, and Better news!

So what did we see on Day 1…

Bags, bags, and more bags. Bags of every shape, size, material and color you could image

Books-a-millions. Hundreds of bags filled to the brim with books

Boots. Texas style and Texas strong

So now were getting ready for Day 2 – what will we see, who will we hear from, what will be the buzz on the exhibit floor? Stay tuned… could be a “stampede” of information coming your way!

TLA Diarty: Day 2 

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