Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World: “Ambitious” and “Recommended” eBook

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Looking for an “accessible” and “ambitious” resource designed to support user’ religion and history understandings? The Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World provides rich historical content partnered with coverage of the issues, countries, and people that are important in today’s world to provide knowledge of Islam’s influence on all areas of human activity. Libraries will “benefit” researchers by obtaining this resource, read a few reviews below!

Readers will find here a thematic outline, glossary, chronologies, and a helpful English-focused index (supplementing “see-also”): the index redirects “hijab” to “veiling,” for instance. Superb editing (e.g., standardizing the spelling of the word Muhammad) smooths the contributions of almost 350 scholars and guarantees clarity despite information density. Coverage of Muslim culture, history, economics, and politics is extensive, from topics such as capitalism, comics, reform, gender, Islamophobia, graffiti, clothing, and writers (Rumi, Salman Rushdie) to entries on Baha’i, Druze, Zoroastrianism, Alawites Judaism and Islam (also Jews, Israel, etc.), and Buddhism and Islam. Articles by different experts on aspects of a single subject (e.g., translation, law, Iran, Salaf ) assure depth and sometimes reflect disagreement (e.g., two brief discussions of homosexuality). There are twice as many images (including numerous maps) as in the first edition, nearly all in full color; with few exceptions (e.g., “oil”), the illustration list is less significant than the index.

Ambitious and accessible, this set will be essential in any academic library and is important for all institutions serving intellectually inquisitive populations.

Photo from Encyclopedia , pg. 560

— Patricia D. Lothrop, St. George’s Sch., Newport, RI, May, 2016


The first edition of this encyclopedia was published in 2006, and given the contemporary developments in the Muslim world, this updated edition is much-needed. Some of the more glaring issues with the first edition (such as entries not listed alphabetically and the omission of hijra data) have been fixed. In addition, some entries have been given more logical headings, making it easier for users to find relevant information. Each entry also now has a bibliography, which includes more contemporary references. . . . Recommended for academic and public libraries, particularly as an update to the previous edition.

—Booklist, June, 2016

Excerpt from Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia of over 540 articles, prepared by over 350 scholars from around the world, explores the religious, social, political, and cultural realms of Islam over the last 14 centuries.  There appears to be considerable “evolution” from the 2004 edition. . . . Broad articles exploring art, architecture, and literature exist alongside specialized topics of the Islamic faith and Muslim history. Numerous maps and color photos enhance the work considerably, as do the bibliographies at the end of each article. Students and scholars of the Muslim world will find much useful information here. Academic and public libraries will benefit from having this set, as could high school libraries. Librarians might consider retaining the 2004 volumes as well.

—American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016




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