Expanding Accessibility with New Text Display Features

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| By Gale Staff |

At Gale, we’re committed to supporting all learners, and that’s one reason we’re improving readability within our products by updating text display features within dozens of our digital resources.

Readers who don’t see well—or who have reading disabilities—may benefit when they have a variety of ways to alter their view on a screen. Every reader is different, so this element of choice helps ensure expanded accessibility for all users, no matter their individual needs.

In addition to existing features, like adjustable text size, we’ve added display option tools for customization, including:

  • Additional font choices, such as OpenDyslexic, for readers with different needs.
  • Optional background colors to better view text on the screen.
  • Line, word, and letter spacing, so individuals can choose what style is easiest for them to read.

Existing users will see these updates automatically appear within the following products:

Next Steps

Follow product updates on the Gale support site to stay informed about other updates made to your Gale resources. If you don’t have these powerful resources at your school yet, reach out to an education consultant today.

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