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The content below has been recently added and can be located in the product using Basic or Advanced Search forms. To view a list of all the content included in the National Geographic collections and for complete coverage information, please visit our Database Titles List. Stay tuned for updates on new content!

National Geographic: People, Animals, and the World


  • In Praise of Difficult Women: Life Lessons from 29 Heroines Who Dared to Break the Rules
  • Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life
  • The Essential Lewis & Clark
  • The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy from Morning to Evening
  • The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack


  • Drying Fish
  • Harvesting Wheat
  • Impalas
  • Joshua Tree
  • Llama Awaiting Riders
  • Microalgae Growth
  • Ocean Sunfish
  • Sand Dune
  • Statues of Amenkhotep III
  • Stone Remnants of a Village
  • Stone Slab Collection
  • Train Traveling in China
  • Using MRI Technology for a Study
  • West Thumb Geyser Basin
  • Wood Stork

National Geographic Kids


  • Adventure Cat! And More True Stories of Amazing Cats!
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Animal Armor
  • Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words: How to Work Smart, Play Hard, and Make Real Friends
  • Explore My World: Coral Reefs
  • Explore My World: Lions
  • Little Kids First Big Book of Why 2
  • Real Dragons!
  • Rock Stars! True Stories of Extreme Climbing Adventures


  • Animal Paintings
  • Boy Sitting on a Reindeer Sleigh
  • Cheetahs
  • Cuban Bee Hummingbird
  • Dog Sitting on a Street
  • Football Practice
  • Giant Sequoia Tree
  • Jeholopterus Fossil
  • Laughing at a Selfie
  • Portrait of a Girl
  • Protected Ocean Life
  • Rescued Orphan Elephant
  • Ruby Beach
  • Seventeenth-century Cottage
  • Sulawesi Crested Black Macaques


  • Freaky Creatures: Bat Has REALLY Long Tongue
  • Freaky Creatures: Bear Meal Is Super Gross
  • Freaky Creatures: Binturong Smells Like Popcorn
  • Freaky Creatures: Birds Shake Their Tail Feathers
  • Freaky Creatures: Fish Goes Fishing!
  • Freaky Creatures: Ninja Frog Kicks Bugs
  • Freaky Creatures: Penguins Step on Sea Lions
  • Freaky Creatures: Shrimp Packs Powerful Punch
  • Freaky Creatures: Termite Lays 150 Million Eggs
  • Freaky Creatures: Tiny Jellyfish Become Giants

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