From The Board Room To The Book Room

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By Margaux D. 

This is my story, what a great journey it has been!

I am a total geek and am so proud of it! Growing up I spent every free moment of my weekends and summers at the library. In college I used to cut the classes that I did not enjoy to hole up in the library and read for hours on end. The library has always been a comforting place for me and continues to welcome and nurture me like the supportive arms of a best friend.

Upon graduation from college, (with a useless degree in Politics and Communications) I was scared and unsure of where to go or what to do with my life. My mom gently dropped hints that I should pursue a career in libraries, but back then I dismissed her wisdom as meddling; I had to figure it out on my own. After following my friends down a career path into the business world I realized that Corporate America was not the place for me. I needed a job that had substance and soul, where my work would really help others and make a difference. As I reached the decision on my own to pursue my M.L.S., I also came to the realization that moms are usually right!

Speaking of mothers, my mom and my sister are my educational idols. They are both stellar teachers that over the years have put so much of themselves into the profession of providing a meaningful education to the students in their care. There was no question that I wanted to pursue a degree as a school librarian so I could follow in their educational footsteps. After applying to various library schools in the tri-state area I was selected for a prestigious Graduate assistantship at St. John’s University and two years later I landed my first school library job where I worked with Rose Luna. Working simultaneously in a public library began as a way for me to gain experience within the community while I finished my school library certification and worked towards my degree. I never thought I would love it as much as I do; ten years later I am still here, fulfilling both of my dream jobs.Air Force 1 Sage Low

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