It Got Under My Skin!

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By Marie P. 

During high school and college, I was fortunate to work in the Children’s Department of my local library. As an Economics major, I was going to Wall Street after college and going to make “real money”. That never happened because I became a US Navy wife and my career became whatever job I could get. Taking whatever job I could get always made me ask myelf “what would your really like to be doing?” The answer was always; be back in the Children’s Deptartment. Fast forward 25 years and I found myself in a program to become a School Library Media Specialist. Finally at ease, finally have the BEST JOB ever! A K-8 school where every day I know I have a positive impact on many lives. No child is excited to see an Investment Banker, but they sure are excited to see their school librarian!Sneakers

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