Gale Primary Sources: NewsVault Retirement and Gale Primary Sources Cross-Search Enhancements

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| By Megan Sullivan |

We’re excited to announce that on Friday, October 30, 2020, Gale will release several enhancements to the Gale Primary Sources cross-search. Designed specifically to improve the newspaper and periodical cross-search experience, these enhancements will be closely followed by the retirement of NewsVault, our older, newspaper-only cross-search interface.

On Friday, November 20, 2020, we will retire NewsVault, but customers’ NewsVault links will redirect to the Gale Primary Sources cross-search. Former NewsVault users will automatically begin their session in the new “Newspapers” database section, where all available newspaper and periodical databases will be preselected to search.

Screenshots are subject to change

Benefits of this new user experience include:

Enhanced cross-search experience—This new design makes it easier to isolate newspaper and periodical content to search. It also includes an improved database list, featuring descriptions for each available database, as well as the ability to link out to the standalone database experience.

Cross-search additional newspaper content—Cross-search newspaper and periodical content that was not available in NewsVault, including:

  • Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society
  • American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society
  • International Herald Tribune Historical Archive
  • Mirror Historical Archive
  • Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Nichols Newspapers Collection
  • The Telegraph Historical Archive

Improved accessibility—Maintained for web accessibility standards to ensure access by users of all abilities.

Smarter search results—New search features such as: the ability to limit your search by a list of available countries, states, provinces, and cities; Name and Subject Expansion, which looks for pseudonyms and synonyms of your search term; and access to our Topic Finder and Term Frequency textual analysis tools.

Screenshots are subject to change

Streamlined user interface—The new platform will be consistent with other Gale products and will deliver an engaging experience that allows quick access to search tools, relevant content, and collaborative features like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Secure product access—Guarantees the use of HTTPS protocol to ensure that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products is encrypted, and the right to privacy for library users is protected.

We look forward to sharing these enhancements with you! As a reminder, these changes will go live for all Gale Primary Sources customers on October 30, 2020, followed by the November 20, 2020 retirement and subsequent integration of NewsVault with the Gale Primary Sources cross-search experience.

Meet the Author

Megan Sullivan is a product manager and works on the Gale Primary Sources line of products. She holds a Master of Science in Information with a concentration in Archives and Records Management and has worked and volunteered at several academic libraries. Before moving to her role in product management, Megan was a cataloger in Gale’s Metadata Standards and Services department. In her spare time, she likes to read historical fiction, travel to new places, and spend time with family and friends.

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