Gale Technical Solutions: Custom Solutions for Your Library

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By. Scott Steward

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning understands that each library has its own set of unique needs, and what works for one library may not work for another.  We know that in many cases the “one size fits all” approach to implementation is a compromise to what is just good enough. Instead of making you settle for what is just good enough, Gale wants you and your users to have the best possible experience using our products, and sometimes that requires a custom solution.

The technical solutions team (formerly the LAMP group and Sales Application Engineers) have been building solutions since the 90s.  Many of our custom solutions were built as a prototype (e.g. Article translation, Product search widgets), but later were added as a feature in our products and offered to everyone.  The technical solutions team is expert in developing custom solutions that will delight your users and provide them access to the information they need, when they need it, where ever they need it.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing examples of some custom solutions we built as well as some best practices on a variety of technology topics.  A short list of some of the topics I will cover are:

  • Access portals – How to organize your collections to guide your users to the content they need in the fewest clicks
  • Support portals – Collections of technical information your support staff needs in one easy to navigate place
  • Custom branding – Adding statements of attribution to your Gale resources
  • Usage analysis – Learn how your library systems and user behavior effect your product usage
  • Custom development – Custom solutions that solve problems, boost usage or provide seamless access


Stay tuned to the tech channel!


About the Author

Scott is a problem solver.  He is equally comfortable writing code, creating graphics, swinging a hammer or turning a wrench. He has an Associate degree in Architecture from Washtenaw Community College and a B.S. In Computer Science from Baker college.



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