Hamilton County Schools Explore Gale Pages

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By Lori Warren

In the summer of 2016, Becky Coleman and Lori Warren partnered with Steve Hicks, Gale Customer Success Manager and Tony Bottrell, Gale Usage Services Manager, to create a HCDE District Library Website and 70 Individual School Websites for the Hamilton County Schools. These websites were created with Gale Pages, a content management system made available to K-12 Schools.

Together with the library leadership team, they organized the TEL resources (databases, websites, and eBook collections) by age levels. Each elementary, middle, and high school library website includes educational resources for students, teachers, parents, and caregivers. You can view their district website beginning on the Elementary Page at http://www.galepages.com/tel_k_hcde/elementary. Gale Pages allow each school to feature the great Gale resources available through the Tennessee Electronic Library Collection alongside state, national and non-profit educational websites. It’s a great set of resources for teachers, parents and the community.

The library leadership team, Becky Coleman, John Maynard, Debbie Condry, Cristol Kapp, Ann Rox, and Lori Warren, hope these resources will be shared and embraced as part of the Chattanooga 2.0 Initiative to make our school system one of the best nationwide.

Special thanks goes to TEL for making these resources available for our Tennessee residents of all ages. A sincere thanks goes to both the TEL Administrator, Erin Loree for training and support opportunities and the Gale Customer Support Team: Maggie Waligora, Elisabeth Kopy, Steve Hicks and Tony Bottrell who embraced this project and made it happen.

Ready to give your users a unique website tailored to their resources? Visit the Gale Pages site to get started!

About the Author

Lori Warren serves as the Coordinator of Marketing and Outreach for the Chattanooga State Community College Library. As the Coordinator of Library Marketing and Outreach, she creates, coordinates and manages the library’s marketing and outreach efforts in support of the college’s programs and the library’s services and mission. As the subject librarian for Education Majors and the acting librarian for the two high schools on campus, she teaches research and library skills using TEL and Gale resources.

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