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By Kim Martin
Chance is a hard-working (if sometimes distracted) high school junior.  Besides doing homework and working out with the team, he thinks a lot about College Prep Students unprepairedapplying to college – where to apply, what programs to look at, how to evaluate programs, and how to prepare for the upcoming college entrance exams.  The amount of information and entry points to finding information can be boggling and overwhelming.

Chance and other students in your community are looking for information that can help them evaluate career options, examine courses of study, and find financial aid.  You can provide them with easy-to-use electronic resources that give them instant access to rich information about every aspect of applying to college.

Support your community’s future college graduates now with resources that can help guide important, life-altering decisions and provide them and their families College Prep factwith the information they need to plan for and attain their educational goals.

Resources include:

  • Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) – standardized test prep, college program info, financial aid info, career background, and more. Helps students and other community members investigate new career paths, prepare for exams, get advice on resumes/cover letters/interviewing, and much more.
  • Gale Courses, including:
    • GMAT Preparation
    • GRE Preparation
    • SAT/ACT Preparation
    • Math: Algebra, Math Refresher, GED Math Test, Medical Math, Statistics
    • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • High School students unprepared for college

  • eBooks including Writing Successful College Applications, Career Information Center, How To Get Money for College, Four-Year Colleges 2015, and more. School Library Journal calls Career Information Center “easily navigable for secondary students…valuable for public libraries and career centers.”  — June 2014

See for yourself what the resources have to offer with a free instant trial!

Data obtained from Education Dive: More than half of SAT takers not ready for college.



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