Our School Library is Awesome!

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By Kristin M. 

I teach in a high school where many students do not have access to books or computers at home. Our school library is a VITAL part of our school community. Not only is it a place to get homework done, get help for tutoring or use a computer, but also a place to do projects with friends, play games or learn something new from our library staff. Our librarian spends a great deal of time interacting with our students and the library has gone from an empty room to a vibrant learning center in just a few short years. She has expanded our book collection and even purchased Kindles for the students to check out. The number of books checked out each year increases and the number of students I see reading library books in the classroom has also increased every year since she has taken over. I love that no child is ever excluded from the library., no matter what. Additionally, our librarian comes to the classrooms and teaches students thing like how to do research, use databases or how to use library resources in general. She collaborates with teachers on lessons that require library resources. She is a wealth of information about online resources, webinars and new trends in education,. I don’t know how we would ever get by without our library and librarian!Nike

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