Heredity of Library Love

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By Laura A. 

Our family’s love for the library began in the 70’s in the inner city of Cleveland Ohio. My mom being a single mom set the Cleveland Public Library as a safe location for us 5 kids. There we learned to love reading and the joy of escaping to a different world through the imagination of a writer. This was a great feat since our mom was a first generation high school graduate and our grandparents could barely read! Nevertheless, Three of us did the “impossible” by going to college and graduating with business, accounting and nursing degrees! Today, as I watch my son delve into a good book, I understand now how important the Library in our neighborhood was to our education. He is in the 5th grade, reading at a 9th grade level in a world of video games and Netflix! Without a library none of us would have gained a foundation of Library Love and thus love of education. Without the great librarians that act as guides and teachers we would not have succeeded where many failed! The Library is still a weekly activity for my family that we all zoom air max 1999 series

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