Promoting Success for My Son’s Future

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By Rory R. 

As a child I would go to the library on a daily basis with my brothers, sister and grandma who is an avid reader. Going with her to the library was always fun and exciting as we got to read books that grabbed our imaginations, interest and took us to another level of learning. The library was also a great spot to find new friends as there were always planned events that brought community children together to see that day’s event. I remember authors coming in and reading to us and having games that incorporated math, science, social studies etc. These experiences may not have seemed important to me while as a child but I can say it was important because I was learning and it was fun.

My 15 month old son actually went to the library this morning for the first time in his life. My wife sent me picture of him interacting with other children and just seeing the smile on his face and seeing how excited and happy he was is a showing sign that libraries are important to our societies future. He went to the library for story time and got much, much more, out of it than I thought he’d get. He is learning strong social skills with the interaction, motor skills with the interactive games, and that reading is what helps build his dreams. Libraries are vital for his success and the success of all of our children’s high heels gold and diamond

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