How to Customize a Geographic Service Area

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Gale Analytics: Tip of the Month

| By Anne Nagrant, Senior Customer Success Manager |

Did you know the geography selection made when running a dashboard has several ramifications? It affects how maps are displayed. It defines a boundary for filtering patrons inside or outside the geography. Last but not least, it determines the exact area where demographic statistics are generated.

The newly updated Create a Service Area tool lets libraries generate a custom-made KML file to use in any Gale Analytics dashboard.

The Create a Service Area tool is already included with your subscription. It will be especially useful if:

  • Your library’s service area consists of multiple zip codes or census tracks.
  • You’d like to explore a uniquely shaped geographic area.
  • You want to define specific zones that correspond to individual library branch locations.

A patron’s nearest library location on this dashboard is designated as their home branch by default. With the Create a Service Area tool, you can also create a map that specifies each branch’s service area. Watch the 7-minute tutorial below to learn how.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions about Gale Analytics.

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