The Importance of The Library

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By Nicholas T. 

There are many reasons why a library is important. To me, some of the reasons are: the genres and different types of books for all of the different kinds of readers and what the library gives back to the community.

The different types of books can be really important for your local library to have. My library, the Quechee Library, does have all of those things, which is why they have so many members to support them. My library has a variety of books for book sales too! The books for the book sale are varied from fantasy to non-fiction, to historical fiction, to realistic fiction.

Not only does the library have different genres, but you should go to the library for multiple reasons. One, the library offers interesting after school activities. like the Lego Club on Fridays and the two reading contests over the summer break. Another reason you should go to your local library is that you shouldn’t read as many electronic books on Follettshelf and others. It’s better to read paper books than books on your electronics. Instead you should go to your local library and check out a book. The third reason you should go to a library. It expands your vocabulary. If YOU want to make a first impression that is impressive, the library is the place for you to be. By reading books you expand your word knowledge. On your first impression you might sound well-educated. If you have trouble reading the library staff will encourage you and/or give you help to find a “just right” book for you.

You benefit in so many ways when you go to the library. You improve your vocabulary, you aren’t staring at screens, you get acknowledgement for your reading skills and you get help if you need it, your behavior improves, and you see (hopefully) the good in everything involving reading. I love my library. Do you love your library? And do you even have a library? If not, I urge you to find a library to love and to support. I can almost assure you that you’ll benefit from your local library if you visit it every so often.Sneakers

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  1. Dear Nicholas, thanks for sharing such a significant point of view about your Library. After reading your lines, I could feel your appreciation and love for that place. You definitely made me reconsider my priorities and put some attention to my neglected bookshelves. Not only should I support my local library but also get back into the habit of reading paper books again. It is always such a great feeling to submerge in different realities, to learn about interesting subjects, and the like. But above all, to know that you become wiser and learn to live lighter. “The more you know, the less you need.” Analia


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