The Library: A Toddler’s Favorite Place

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By Trisha T. 

I started bringing my daughter to the public library when she was just a few months old. She would sit on my lap for baby story time. She has always had a fascination with books. Bringing her to the library with me, has increased her love of them so much. She is now two and enjoys going to toddler story time and toddler art at our nearby library. Afterwards, she sits in the children’s section and looks through books as though she is reading every word. We then pick out several to check out and we read them every day. Our nearby library has a painting of a large oak tree with animals hidden among its branches painted across several large windows. My daughter is enamored by it and before we leave she always asks to go see it. I am so very thankful for our public library. It has become my daughter’s favorite enchanted place to visit.Mens Flynit Trainers

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