Invaluable Resource

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By Lauren W. 

My local public library has been a huge resource over the years, providing all different types of media and experiences. As a child, I checked out a book weekly to read with my parents and often participated in library-sponsored events on the weekends. While in school, I used the printer and scanner for assignments, and I took advantage of the large collection of books for the papers I had to write. During long summers in between school, my sister and I would regularly go to the library to pick out movies we could watch together or CDs to listen to. Now, my favorite library resources are the audio books (on physical CDs from the library or, even better, the downloadable files that I can place on my phone for a specified time). The audio books make long drives and work commutes much more interesting! Over the years, I’ve been able to use the library in so many ways, and I know it’s still only a fraction of what’s available to the public. I can only hope that the library remains an invaluable resource to all.Nike Air Force 1 07 Khaki Dark Green Medium Olive /Black-Starfish

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