Live for Libraries

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By Mike K.

Our County Library has been extremely important to our entire family. Our now nine-year-old kids have been attending the library just about every weekend since they were babies. Books can be expensive. Our kids enjoy the classics that we own. But the library opens up a new world of topics and subjects for them. If they are not interested, we simply exchange and find something else. Additionally the library has assisted the kids with various homework and project assignments in school and scouts.

We benefit as well with computer access at our branch. They have specific computers setup for various age group learning games. Our kids would spend hours learning with those.

Our library also provides educational packets which contain books, CDs, DVDs, workbooks (copies), and other topic specific tools. Typically you can check them out for a month and learn an entire topic differently than it is taught. Our family enjoys the access to free movies and music. I enjoy books on cd for my long daily commute to work. We donate every book and audio we can to our library. We also donate money and always vote for the library system funding campaigns. It is nice to have a safe place for our kids to hang out and learn.Nike Air Max 270

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