It’s More Important Than Ever to Thank Our Teachers

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Students, parents, educators, and others are invited to observe National Teacher Appreciation Day on the first Tuesday in May. This year, the celebration begins on May 2, helping to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week. In preparation for these springtime celebrations, we are sharing some of the reasons teachers deserve our recognition and how we can show gratitude for their hard work.

Each year, the National Education Association leads the charge in planning the theme and activities for the annual celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day, but there are no hard-and-fast rules for how to best thank our nation’s teachers. This May, consider the many ways you can show appreciation for the educators in your life who make a difference.

Teachers Work Hard to Support Students

Teachers work tirelessly to ensure their students’ success. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted the traditional school year for millions of kids around the world, teachers continued to show up for their students. The pandemic news cycle was filled with heartwarming stories showing educators facilitating virtual storytimes and conducting social media competitions for students. Some teachers even helped deliver supplies and care packages to students stuck at home.

And now, with the pandemic in the past, teachers stand resiliently against COVID-19’s consequences. Despite troublesome test scores, rising student mental health concerns, and a national teacher shortage, our educators continue to come to class each day with a smile and a lesson plan. Teachers are essential in our nation’s recovery post-pandemic, which is why this year’s National Teacher Appreciation Day deserves extra pomp and circumstance.

Teachers Deserve Our Gratitude

No matter if you’re a parent, a fellow teacher, or a student, you have likely had an educator who inspired you in some way. Perhaps an English teacher guided you to a book that changed your life. Or maybe a history teacher helped you see the world through a new perspective. So, this May, take a moment out of your busy schedule to tell that person thank you. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas for celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Day to help you get started.

Fulfill a Wish List

Too often, public school teachers purchase classroom supplies with their own money. To help with costs, many teachers have turned to online wish lists for items their students need. Ask your local teachers to share the link to their wish list—many of them use Amazon. If you’re able to purchase an item from the list, that’s great. But sharing their wish list on your own social media to help build support can be just as valuable.

Volunteer for a School Event

Parents and local community members are vital to the success of a school. You might not have the time to fully commit to the PTA, but there’s almost always an event—like fundraisers, school dances, music recitals, and football games—for which you could volunteer some of your time.

Write a Thank-You Letter

Whether you decide to use e-mail or handwrite it yourself, sending a personal letter to a teacher can make their day that much more special. Be sure you share how the teacher made a positive impact in your or your child’s life—they won’t forget your kind words.

Send Flowers to the Teacher’s Lounge

Send flowers from the local florist, pastries from the bakeshop, or maybe even deliver this cute school-supply cake! Small gestures like these can go a long way toward brightening a teacher’s day.

Get Teacher Appreciation Day Trending

Not everyone knows about Teacher Appreciation Day, so help spread the word. Post memories about a favorite teacher or mention how a teacher inspired you to become who you are today. Be sure to use #TeacherAppreciationDay or #NationalTeachersDay to help get the holiday trending.

National Teacher Appreciation Day provides us a great opportunity to show our support for teachers. Looking for additional information or other creative ideas? You can find out more about Teacher Appreciation Day through the National Day Calendar organization.

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