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The second edition of The Gale Encyclopedia of Environmental Health is here! Why the excitement? Well, this edition gives reliable and understandable information about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of environmental health conditions and infectious diseases so users can better understand the issues and make informed choices and plans. New entries include: Ebola virus disease, Globalization and emerging diseases, Stockholm Planetary Boundaries, Water scarcity, Nipah virus disease, and Zika virus disease.

The effects of climate change on human health are far-reaching, especially the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming. Often the changes in air quality, water quality, and temperature overlap and can be blamed for more frequent and severe drought, severe flooding, and catastrophic weather events.

Discover how this title serves all users’ needs:

Public Libraries: Many public-library patrons–parents, students, caregivers, newly diagnosed patients–seek authoritative but accessible information on health topics. This title is designed to give laypersons clear, accurate, and easy-to-use information.

School Libraries and Classrooms: The accessible coverage of topics affecting students makes this suitable for school libraries, Career and Technical Education programs, and magnet programs in health fields.

Academic Researchers: Basic foundational content on health and wellness topics make this title suitable for university and community college health-related programs.

The connection between environment and health provides reason for social justice and legislation to minimize impacts and improve health, this title also addresses issues of clean air, clean water, food insecurity, and impacts when natural resources are not protected and available to all. Discover more about this and other Gale published titles.adidas superstar damen glitzer silber

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