L-o-v-e the Library

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By T.D. 

I have very few memories of my mom taking me to the downtown library back home in Virginia. She says she used to take me there when I was in preschool, but after that, I don’t really recall spending time in any library. In high school, the library was there, but I only vaguely remember learning about the card catalogue once or twice. To think of all that I missed out on growing up!!
Today, as a homeschooling mom, I have come to greatly embrace all that the library has to offer. I can not express enough appreciation for having so much at my fingertips. I hope that my children will continue in a love for the library. I mean, it’s FREE BOOKS! How can you resist??
When I see a new library, I get so excited to explore it. I can order library books that come straight to my house? That’s amazing! And technology programs for all ages? Yes, thank you! Crafts and story times for kids and all kinds of enrichment classes, I just can’t beat it. It says community, it says empowerment, it says information. I say YES and thank you! I LOVE THE LIBRARY!!Air Jordan

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