Large Print for Reluctant Readers

Large Print for Reluctant Readers

Thorndike Press, a world leader in Large Print Publishing, has been helping elderly readers reduce eye strain since 1980. But did you know that Large Print benefits younger readers too? Millions of middle and high school students get discouraged every day because they are not reading at their appropriate grade level, see how Large Print can help!

Larger Font Can Help

  • It assists those who are struggling or just reluctant to read because larger words are less intimidating
  • Large Print can help young readers’ eyes make the transition from beginner level books to the smaller font of YA titles
  • Large Print gives young readers eyes a break after staring at small phone screens
  • More white space and less words on a page make young readers more confident
  • All YA Thorndike Press large Print Books are leveled (AR and Lexile) for appropriate integration and use in the classroom
  • Gives Reluctant Readers the content they need intellectually and emotionally, but in a font size their eyes can comprehend

More Titles
With so many titles to choose from, every young student will find something they enjoy. Check out a few of our popular titles for young readers:wordswag_1471275987893

Large Print Facts

  • The National Association for the Visually Handicapped (NAVH) defines Large Print as alphanumeric characters rendered in 16-point or larger font. Thorndike Press books are typeset in 16-point Plantin font in jet-black ink on high-opacity paper.
  • Our titles are often the same size as or smaller than hardcover or trade paperback equivalents, and they weigh about the same as a traditional hardcover edition
  • Our books are complete and unabridged and feature attractive, durable binding
  • Studies show that Large Print books are a welcome addition to classrooms, libraries and homes
  • Large Print books are a necessary component of successful reading programs for people of all ages

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