Striving Readers Can Succeed with Large Print

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| By Gale Staff |

When it comes to print, size really does matter.  A larger font boosts decoding, fluency, and comprehension for young readers. Once these skills are strengthened, students once frustrated by reading, learning the English language, or struggling with developmental delays, such as ADD/ADHD or dyslexia, gain confidence to become enthusiastic, lifelong readers.

Making Reading More Accessible
Thorndike Press, a world leader in large print publishing, has supported older adults and the visually impaired since 1980, but the 16-point helps middle readers and young adults too, as it is proven to:

  • Assist readers who are struggling or just reluctant, often referred to as striving readers, because larger words are less intimidating
  • Help with the transition from beginner level books to the smaller font of YA titles
  • Give eyes a break after staring at digital devices

More white space and fewer words per page slows the eye and increases the care readers take to read with intention. As decoding errors decrease and fluency improves, readers can focus more meaning of the text.

From Contemporary to Classics to Current Favorites
Students will find something they will enjoy in Thorndike Press’s wide range of youth titles. Peek at some of our most popular titles below.

About Our Books
All Thorndike Press middle reader and YA titles are:

  • The same size and weight as the hardcover, standard print edition
  • Typeset in 16-point font in jet-black ink on high-opacity paper
  • Produced with the same cover art as the original edition, the words “large print” are not on the outside
  • Complete and unabridged
  • Leveled (AR and Lexile) making them a welcome addition to classrooms and libraries
  • Backed by a 100% guarantee

For More Information

Titles are available at and through all major wholesalers.


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