Libraries Are a Big Part of My Life

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By Chris J. 

My first experience with a library was the bookmobile that would come around in the summer when I was a child in Cincinnati, Ohio. Seeing it come down the street was more exciting than the ice cream truck! We would be so excited to pick out a few books to read until the bookmobile would return! The librarian was always helpful in suggesting something she thought we would like too.

Later, we moved to Indiana, and we would walk several blocks every Saturday to spend the day at the Muncie Public Library. We would each bring home a grocery bag full of books and read all week long then return them the following week and get another bagful.

After having children, I would take them to storytime sessions at various library branches. The kids always enjoyed it, and loved getting books each time. While preparing to move from Indianapolis to Avon, Indiana, one of the first things we did was get library cards. Over the past 25 years, we’ve made many visits for storytime, to get books, even to see Santa Claus at Christmas!

I was thrilled when I saw an ad for an opening at the library and even happier when I got the job! After 13 years, I still consider myself very lucky to spend my days at the library!Air Jordan 1 GS

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