The Relevance of Libraries is Ever Increasing

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By Catherine M. 

I, among some other thousands of library visitors of all ages, benefit by enjoying traditional books, e-books, computer classes, DVDs and CDs. Visitors research, read, share, learn, attend quality programs and use information for lifelong learning and leisure pursuits.

I treasure and value our community’s library to gain access to resources and programs. I appreciate that I can ask library staff to help learn how to use their e-reading devices, operate computers, better develop resumes and to apply for jobs online. Untold thousands flock to the library to ask staff about all types of software or to receive assistance in completing e-government forms.

While the recession drove more people to visit their libraries, we need to recognize that libraries were already very busy places, attracting record numbers of visits. The library is a place that is open and welcoming to all, regardless of one’s socioeconomic position. It is the place where teens have discovered that the library is a great place to go, while at the same time, scores of young parents engage in important childhood literacy programs.

Yes, the library is very relevant and also serves as a “living room” for democracy. Libraries further the principles of our forefathers, which a society flourishes when people have access to information. With resources that serve our community; entrepreneurs as well as the home schooled and people with special needs, libraries are distinctively positioned to serve as vital community centers where people connect with others, get help from information professionals, and discover new worlds. Libraries are innovative, constantly progressing and often lead the way with new technologies and services. I love and appreciate all our library is to us!Air Jordan 1

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