Libraries Mean More than Business

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We know libraries mean business. But in a lot of ways, the public library means more than just business. When it comes to career advice, personal fulfillment, health, and even parenting, you are an indispensable resource to your patrons.

That’s why we’ve recently partnered with The American Management Association (AMACOM) to provide coverage on subjects that allow your patrons to take charge and better balance their work and life.

Discover some of the most highly reviewed and regarded AMACOM eBooks on GVRL:

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others, 1st Edition
By: Kristi Hedges

When some people speak, everyone listens. When they need commitment to projects, others jump on board. These are the lucky few with “presence”—that subtle magnetic field that signals authority and authenticity. Wouldn’t it be great if doors opened as effortlessly for you?

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The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: More than 100 Proven Strategies, Tips, and Techniques to Build a Radically Successful Business, 1st Edition
By: Leonard C. Green

Big new ideas rarely make great businesses . . . Laboring on a business plan can be a waste of time . . . You are going to need dramatically more start-up money than you think you do.

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A Plant-Based Life: Your Complete Guide to Great Food, Radiant Health, Boundless Energy, and a Better Body
By: Micaela Cook Karlsen

In this book, the author offers a compassionate how-to manual for anyone who wants to know more about what a whole food plant-based diet is, how to transition from unhealthy eating habits and break free of cravings, and how to ensure lasting success. It combines plenty of motivation for adopting plant-based eating with a practical plan for following through.

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Beating the Workplace Bully: A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge, 1st Edition
By: Lynne Curry

Bullies aren’t limited to the playground. These days, they roam our offices and can be found everywhere from break rooms to boardrooms. They don’t steal your lunch money, but they can make your work life a living hell—and even ruin your career.

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