The Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Religion Series Receives Phenomenal Reviews

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Having difficulty supporting patrons’ grasp of religion and nonbelief? The Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks: Religion Series provides readers with a deeper understanding of religion and alternatives to religion with 10 volumes using film, literature, art, and other lenses for an innovative approach to introducing the field.

Ready to support the study of religion in your university or library? Start with a few reviews published in the American Reference Books Annual, spring 2017 edition:

Religion: Beyond Religion

“Due to its breadth of coverage and the depth of research upon which it is based, this is an important addition to the literature of both religion and nonbelief. Thus, it is an essential purchase for any library that seeks to acquire materials related to the study of religion, for academic libraries that support religion majors, and for all seminary libraries.”

—Gregory A. Crawford

Religion: Embodied Religion

“This volume is a very strong entry into the series. Questions and information on religious experience and how gender, desire, and embodiment are interpreted, celebrated, abhorred, and justified are well represented in this compendium of scholarly works. This book will be well suited for researchers and scholars of history, sociology, theology, and global studies. Highly recommended.”

—Janis Minshull

Religion: Just Religion

Religion: Just Religion is a practical resource for beginning research and undergraduate students seeking to find the correlation between religion and the human experience. With both historical and contemporary contributions, this will also be useful to those researching history, sociology, anthropology, and theology.”

—Janis Minshull

Religion: Mental Religion

“In a field of study that continues to develop, Religion: Mental Religion is a solid introduction to the connection between the evolution of brain sciences and religion. This text will be useful to undergraduate students of history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, literary studies, and theology.”

—Janis Minshull

Religion: Social Religion

“Chapters take a practical look at the defined topics and end with a clear summary, bibliographies, and filmographies that will encourage further study. With the multiplicity of religions and avenues for scholarship, Religion: Social Religion provides a fascinating look at approaches to research. Undergraduate students of anthropology, history, philosophy, sociology, and theology are best suited for this volume as an introduction and stimulus for expanded research.”

—Janis Minshull

Religion: Super Religion

“This book is a useful starting point for research of the supernatural in religion. The breadth of religions in addition to the breadth of supernatural events means that the book is unable to get too far into the weeds on specific issues. Nevertheless, the book is useful for researchers to gain tertiary exposure to various issues in this broad category. The book is recommended for an academic library.”

—Sara Mofford

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