A Library Book That Changed My Life

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By Mary T. 

I had just begun to read when I visited the Adrian Public Library with my mother. I was a Greek/American little girl who loved books. The library had a table book sale, and I purchased a small book on Greek Mythology for 10 cents. That book changed my life. I learned my heritage when back beyond the ordinary, that it was merged with the magic world of the Greek gods and goddesses.

I became an English major years later, with a minor in the classics. I began my own rare and out of print bookshop. I now compose philosophical and historical essays for my secular website and read them on YouTube. I have always used our local libraries and contributed to them. They have had an enchantment that was just visible in the dust and filtered sunlight of those quiet rooms and that enriched me beyond belief. Libraries have changed since then, but when I step into one, I am back in the world of hushed tones, oak tables and shelves of books, a world where one’s imagination and a book could transport me into a different world, rich and strange, each time I sat down to read.adidas superstar damen glitzer silber

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