Library Equals Liberty

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By Joel B. 

Growing up my only access to a wide variety of information was the library. Book reports, speeches and studying for final exams happened at the library. It’s a place where you know the environment is curated for learning, focus and exploration. Now being a father of two children going through school I use the library for the same reason I used it as a child. Taking my children to the library signifies you are doing a task that involves concentration and there is a place designated, created for just that. Now more than ever we need libraries to exist. With the whirling techno-electricity going all around us it is imperative to reduce the noise and focus on learning. With all that said the greatest attribute of the library is that it is free. It allows everyone, everyone the ability to better themselves through knowledge. There are no gate keepers denying access to information. It is the opposite, there are individuals there who can get you relevant information to your needs just by asking. As much as the internet has leveled the playing field for society it still has a risk of losing yourself in the noise. The experience of the library adds to the knowledge you are seeking, you are working for the information, sacrificing for the information which adds value to what you are learning. Knowledge easily gained is easily forgotten. What I learned by going to the library is that I will always have a source to better myself and there are real, tangible individuals working at the library that are invested in my journey.Air Jordan 1

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