Life and Career Skills:An “Engaging” Series with “Pertinent Information”

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The Life and Career Skills series currently stands as a four volume set aimed at developing skills your users need to transition successfully in the real world with themes ranging from personal finance to social skills. Offering the most “up-to-date” content delivered in an “engaging” and “logical” question and answer style, the Life and Career Skills series supplies “foundational” information.

Read a review posted by the American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016.

“The Life and Career Skills series covers many topics with the aim of clearly conveying sound information regarding basic aspects of adult life. The four volumes are designed to offer the most up-to-date, pertinent information in a logical and engaging way. . . . The material is enhanced by a number of eye-catching extras, such as shaded sidebars housing case studies, professional profiles, etc.; visual iconography pointing to key terms, concepts, and helpful hints; charts; photographs; and more. Additionally, the four sections in each volume begin with an overview that supplies foundational information. At the end of each chapter within the four sections, readers will find a listing of books, periodicals, and Websites for further information. A more comprehensive list of resources is found at the end of the volume. . . ”

–American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016

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