Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History:an “Interesting” and “Informative” Title

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Looking for an “interesting” and “informative” resource that offers comprehensive coverage of American economic history from the arrival of Europeans to the present? The Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History is an “exceptional” one-stop resource that provides clear explanations on difficult topics for high school and college level learners.

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“This second edition is a massive overhaul of the previous 2000 edition and includes 247 new entries, along with a new category entitled “Think Pieces,” which are primarily extended sections on larger topics. . . . Each entry also includes numerous see also terms for cross-referencing and a concise bibliography for further research. There are also brief, well-written economic histories of each state, along with an abundance of richly colored charts, photos, and maps. Although the audience for this set is high school to graduate students, it is an exceptional, interdisciplinary work that fulfills several components of the collection-development approval plan.”

– Booklist Online, March 17, 2016

Excerpt from the eBook, pg 759

“I have contributed to or reviewed approximately two dozen encyclopedias. This is the most interesting that I have seen. This second edition added 257 entirely new topics from the first edition. The 987 alphabetically-arranged entries are lengthy, substantive, and well written. . . . The volumes are full of statistical information presented in a very readable fashion. Among my favorite inclusions are essays on the economic history of each state, complete with a color map that incorporates the Interstate highways and all the national and state parks, forests, and wildlife areas. Standard encyclopedia features include a list of articles, a thematic outline of contents, a quite extensive chronology, and the list of contributors. I am not a specialist on economic history and I found myself spending hours reading various topics at random through the volumes because the material was so interesting and informative. Printed encyclopedias are at a great disadvantage against the ready access of online reference sources, but this may be one printed source whose merits allow it to compete for users.”

– American Reference Books Annual, June, 2016

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