Life Coach, Anyone? Self-Guided, Online Support for Better Living

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Achieving personal and professional excellence doesn’t “just happen” for most people. Success typically results from persistence and guidance.  For some, turning to a life coach is useful – receiving personal assistance with decision-making and skills acquisition. But with rates averaging $100 to $300 per hour, that service is out of reach for most young adults.

But hiring a professional isn’t the only path. With new resources from Gale, those eager for coaching can find help at the library.  (In fact, at YOUR library!)


Four eBooks, four opportunities


Covering major areas of concern and need, and tailored especially for young adults, these new resources support development of important life skills:

  • Life and Career Skills, Volume 1: Personal FinanceCovering budgeting, credit cards, student loans, saving, interest, stocks,401K, Social Security, retirement planning, taxes, renting vs. buying a home, mortgages, and  .
  • Life and Career Skills, Volume 2: Employment Patrons learn about educational opportunities, getting a job, interviewing, sources for finding work, career development, and second and third careers.
  • Life and Career Skills, Volume 3: Health & Wellness  – Providing a strong foundation for understanding principles of good nutrition, exercise, mental health, and medical insurance.
  • Life and Career Skills, Volume 4: Social Skills – Presents information to develop and enhance social skills, communication skills and professional contexts (such as time management, dealing with ambiguity, and self-direction).

Each volume covers 40 to 50 topics and contains overviews and scenarios to help readers work through the real-life application of the principles covered. Volumes also include an extensive resource section listing organizations, support groups, websites, and more.

Explore these resources on the GVRL eBook platform, renowned for its quality content from the best nonfiction publishers and stellar functionality. GVRL provides persistent URLs, which allow libraries to embed stable links in programming and resources lists – with the confidence that patrons will be able to link to these resources consistently and without redirection or dead ends. And eBooks have the additional advantage of being accessible around the clock by any number of users in your community.  An unlimited number of users will be able to access content simultaneously – without interfering with others reading the same content remotely.

Let the coaching begin at your library 

Young adults in your community will appreciate the chance to develop life and career skills to succeed at college, in the workplace, and in their personal pursuits. Access a free trial today >>


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