Like a Phoenix

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By Christe H. 

Our school library has taken many turns in the 20 years I have been here. Going from a classroom, to an expansion where we rubbed elbows with construction workers, and moved the books 4 times; to a catastrophe when our school caught fire and the school was closed for one year. When I entered the school my heart sunk, the walls were black and dripping soot, the Library also dark, sooty, and smoky. The restoration company sent a team that took each book off the shelves, wiping the entire book, cover to cover, placing them in boxes, the boxes going into ozone trailers. In the meantime, school was about to start! We set up shop in a neighboring intermediate school with a fraction of our collection. We made do, and were better for it. The outpouring of love from all over was heartwarming. One school in Houston gave us all their One Book money to purchase books for our tiny make-shift library. It took the entire school year to renovate. When we moved back in we were instantly “back home” Many things were lost, but we appreciated every nook and cranny of our little school. We are better than ever., and pay it forward whenever we get the chance to help others in similar situations.Nike Air Max

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