School Librarian Feeds Sharks

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By Margot H. 

My 5th-grader loves her school librarian, Miss S., who is quirky in the best possible ways. We often see her around town, walking while reading a book. Her newly hatched chicks are always a big draw at Back-to-School-Night. And Miss S. has a special knack for helping each student find the perfect book.

Last week, my daughter came home from school excited to share a story involving the librarian and our beloved Monterey Bay Aquarium.

My daughter said she was disappointed when their library period was cut a few minutes short because Miss S. had an important appointment. Her teacher promised to turn on one of the aquarium live web cams when the students returned to class.

It was quiet time and everyone was finishing their worksheets or reading when one of the students called out Miss S.’s name and pointed energetically at the Kelp Forest Cam playing on the class monitor. Sure enough, there was Miss S. SCUBA diving in the big tank and feeding the leopard sharks.

The students begged their teacher to turn up the volume. A second later, Miss S. looked up and said into her microphone, “I hope all you Robert Down students are reading!”

My daughter finished her story by saying, “Imagine that, mom! My two favorite things together: The ocean and the librarian!”Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott AQ4211-100 Shoes – Buy Best Price Adidas&Nike Sport Sneakers

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