Live Webinar: See Gale Interactive: Chemistry in Action

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Join us next Wednesday at 2:00pm EST for a live webinar demonstrating the innovative technology within the product, Gale Interactive: Chemistry.

During the webinar Senior Director, Gerry Sawchuk will explains Gale’s thought process in the production of the product, our partnership with VIVED in the creation of the 3d interactive models and how they can help support chemistry instruction.

He will be joined by Angie Cannon, Ph.D. a professor of Chemistry and a subject matter expert at VIVED, as well as Amos Patrick the VP of R&D and Engineering and a Founder at VIVED.  They will be doing live demonstrations of classroom applications of Gale Interactive: Chemistry and taking questions from webinar attendees.

If you are interested in learning more about Gale Interactive: Chemistry you can register here now! If you can’t make the live webinar you can still register and a recording will be emailed to you following the webinar.

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