Mobile-Optimized Access to InfoTrac and PowerSearch Now Available

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Gale is pleased to announce the mobile optimization of all 57 InfoTrac resources, available June 19. The PowerSearch platform has also been optimized and can be used to  deliver an ideal mobile research experience for InfoTrac resources, as well as GVRL eBooks and In Context content.

Mobile optimization minimizes the user’s need to resize, pan or scroll while reading and navigating. Using responsive design technology, Gale’s mobile interface automatically displays when users access any InfoTrac resource from their smartphone, whether they click into these resources directly through a library’s website, or through Gale’s free Access My Library app. No set up is required by libraries to enable this mobile display on smartphones.

While only 5% of Gale’s overall traffic comes from mobile devices currently, it has replaced desktop computers as the fastest growing channel and usage among some segments, like K12 students, nears 10%.

The mobile interface has been designed to be extremely intuitive and has been user-tested to work with typical Apple, Chrome, and Android smartphone workflows. This implementation allows users to:

  • Seamlessly search

    Periodical databases on mobile devices
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  • Explore a list of results through user-preferred infinite scroll
  • View individual documents in a format that has been optimized for small-screen devices
  • Email document links to themselves for future viewing

A homepage link allows users to easily switch back to the standard, non-mobile implementation of these resources if that is their preference.

Gale remains committed to enhancing user experiences and library workflow. We are confident that InfoTrac mobility will add value to your Gale experience, and we remain committed to incorporating customer feedback as an essential part of the development process. Gale will continue to develop and improve upon on the mobile version of our resources to enhance the experience and extend it to other devices as user feedback demands.


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