Money Management How-To’s from Budgets to Estate Planning

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Financial Resources Public LibraryAmy is nowhere near retirement age. But she’s determined to put together a solid plan that will allow her to retire early and travel.  She wants to learn more about investment options and learn some of the terminology, but she’s stymied. Should she put her money in the stock market, which seems a little volatile? Invest in real estate, which seems to be rebounding quickly?  Where to begin?

A recent study shows that only 40% of US adults keep a budget and track their spending. In fact, some 76% of American families say they live paycheck to paycheck, only have saved less than three months’ worth of expenses.The need for financial literacy and effective planning is enormous.

Amy and others in your community are looking to take charge of their finances and plan for a strong financial future. But they need expert information.


Give your patrons the resources they need to better manage their money – from beginners to savvy financiers. These sources are available 24/7 from anywhere, so patron questions can be answered even late at night, when they are sitting down to work on their budgets.

Resources include:

  • Business Insights: EssentialsDetailed company profiles and histories, industry and association profiles, market research and market share reports, rankings, SWOT analyses, interviews, and more.
  • Instructor-led, six-week-long Gale Courses, including:
    • Keys to Successful Money Management
    • Personal Finance
    • Real Estate Investing
    • Introduction to Stock Options
    • Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh My!
    • Where Does All My Money Go?
  • eBooks – Our award-winning eBook platform allows users to search across all eBooks at one time. So, patrons can find expert information from many validated reference sources in one sitting – either in the library or from the comfort of their own home.  And, for those who prefer to access from their mobile device, they can download information in PDF format directly to their eReader. 

Learn about all our resources for The Financial Planner. Access a free trial today!



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