National Customer Service Week

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Creating satisfied and loyal customers requires the efforts of an energized service team, who handle customer touch points with the highest degree of professionalism and a mindset of creating exceptional customer experiences. Our service professionals at Gale are skilled and exemplary models and during National Customer Service week, we thank them for all that they do!

Here are our service professional teams who brought our customers an overall satisfaction score of 95% this year:

Gale Customer Success Team

Our team provides customers with post-sale, outreach, and support. The team is dedicated to ensuring our library partners gain value from their electronic resources through the integration of technology, marketing, training, and support into the relationship.

We provide industry-leading, personalized support to increase customer satisfaction and understanding of your Gale online resources. The team provides support ranging from assistance with onboarding and implementation of resources to customer onsite training sessions. We work to deliver strategic support to our customers, ensuring all their needs are met.

Gale Database Management and Renewal Program Team

On our team, we establish data standards and ensure compliance. We initiate system configurations and set-ups to meet stakeholder needs including standard account discounts, promotional codes, renewal programs, and more. We are in charge of releasing all standing orders for print and electronic products, and facilitating billing and invoicing. Our team also creates, maintains, and updates release schedules for products and distribution. We work with production to maintain the release of products and defective product maintenance. Having issues involving standing order process, backorder process, and receipt process? Yeah, we fix those problems too.

Gale Order Support Services Team

Our team is responsible for billing all electronic, GVRL, and print orders after our team reviews and processes quotes submitted by Sales or the customer. We process manual invoice request, returns, order-related credits, account reconciliation, and other support services. If a customer requests things such as a specific billing date, we make sure it happens! We approve orders, bill the customer, then request the order. Without us, the customer wouldn’t receive their order!

Gale Digital Solutions Services Team

We are responsible for installing electronic resources. When an order is made by the Order Support Services team, we make sure the customer then gains access to the resources they’ve purchased. Our team also generates an access letter that is sent to the customer, which includes instructions and links to the resources purchased. We contact you if we run into installation issues like missing information on an order. After installation is complete, we close out the order and our job is complete!

Gale Customer Experience Team 

We take care of post-sales billing support and fulfillment support for both electronic and print sales. We provide customers with key documents and information such as duplicate invoices and order status. Our team maintains standing order adjustments and answers all invoice questions, addresses shopping cart issues, damage or defective claims, and other fulfillment and post-billing inquiries. We can be reached by phone (800-877-4253, opt 3), email ([email protected]), or live chat ( Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EST).

Gale Technical Solutions Team

Our team helps the customers get the most out of their resources. We help customers implement new subscriptions, advise on ways to drive product usage, and provide ongoing product support. Our team provides customers with MARC record support, usage analysis, website assessment and usability testing, and training materials and promotional tools. We work directly with the customer so we can be aware of what is or is not working for them. You can connect with us by visiting

Gale Subscription Renewal Team 

We maintain contact with customers who have purchased Gale resources with the goal of renewing subscription renewals. Our team monitors subscriptions that are up for renewal and watches for renewals that may be in jeopardy of cancellation. We assist in the creation of custom access portals and branding, provide usage analysis, create custom solutions that boost usage or provide seamless access, creates custom product trials, and more.

Remeber, these teams assist the company and customers every day. Join us in celebrating their hard work!Air Jordan

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