Women’s Studies Archive Proves to be “Tremendously Valuable”

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As the first in the Women’s Studies archive, this collection traces the path of women’s issues from past to present—pulling primary sources from manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals, and more. It captures the foundation of women’s movements, struggles and triumphs, and provides researchers with valuable insights.

As a comprehensive academic-level archival resource, Women’s Studies Archive: Women’s Issues and Identities will focus on the social, political, and professional achievements of women throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century. Along with providing a closer look at some of the pioneers of women’s movements, this collection offers scholars a deep dive into the issues that have affected women and the many contributions they have made to society.

Learn more with a review from a Library Instruction Team Leader, Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian:

“This online archive provides content that is unique, rich, and highly relevant to historical research as well as to current conversations about politics, social issues, and women’s health. The interface will be familiar to users of other Gale Primary Sources databases—like the recent American Fiction, 1774–1920 or Archives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940. The platform makes discovering relevant primary sources easy for novice researchers while also giving more control to experienced scholars, facilitating discovery of common themes and issues across archival collections. Researchers interested in the history of feminism and women’s movements, as well as those in women’s studies-related interdisciplinary programs, will find this database tremendously valuable.

—E. A. Nicol, Washington State University

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