New Insights on Bridging the Library/Faculty Gap

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In 2015 working with Library Journal, Gale surveyed academic faculty and librarians to better understand the relationship. We knew on some level that there was a disconnect between the two groups but we were surprised by some of the results – and just how big the gap appears to be.

We reached out to academic faculty and librarians across the U.S. and received roughly one thousand survey responses. The objective of the survey was to see if faculty and librarians were on the same page when it comes to understanding the purpose and essential functions of an academic library: Do they communicate their respective needs to each other? Is there room for improvement?

The infographic displays some of the most interesting statistics and the disconnects among the two groups when it comes to collaboration, communication and the role of the library on campus. The results revealed that campus libraries are not often looked at as essential parts of campus culture.

The report with the full survey results are available here.

These survey results have helped us better understand the challenges facing academic libraries – the need to foster closer connections with faculty and administrators, and to engrain the library in campus culture – and we hope our customers see us as a partner in helping to bridge that gap.

A recent article from University Business magazine by Ioanna Opidee describes how librarians at Salisbury University in Maryland are attempting to close the communication gap and also utilize the space in their library that has been made available by eliminating some printed resources in favor of digital ones.

“To promote faculty use of the library, Salisbury University in Maryland created a dedicated Faculty Center, including comfortable spaces and conference rooms to foster interaction among professors and instructors across disciplines.”

You can read more about what librarians are doing to utilize newly open space in their libraries and how they are fostering better connections with faculty in the current issue of University Business magazine available digitally here.

To find out how Gale can help drive the value of the library at your institution contact a Gale representative here.

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