New! National Geographic Ladders eBook Series

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Experience the world through engaging social studies content.

We’re excited to announce the National Geographic Ladders Series released to Gale eBooks on GVRL. This unique collection of eBooks helps teachers meet the needs of diverse learners with leveled content sets that focus on topics in Social Studies.

Geared toward grades 3-5, each leveled set contains four versions of one book: three different reading levels (on, above, or below) and a Spanish-language version. Each version includes the same imagery, content, and central vocabulary for a shared classroom experience, but the difficulty of the text varies to support students at different stages in their reading.

What makes this so exciting?

  • With unlimited users, teachers can use the National Geographic Ladders series with the whole classroom, and in multiple classrooms within a building.
  • Intuitive drop-downs empower students to adjust reading level up or down with one click, while the visuals stay the same for a smart, seamless experience.
  • Leveled sets are grouped as a single cover on the homepage for ease in locating the materials. After selecting a book, students can then pick their starting point.
  • Lexile values are used to avoid polarizing language such as “above” or “below” level.
  • Schools creating custom collections can choose which levels to include in their collections, making it easy to group titles by level rather than subject.

In GVRL, we’ve added a drop-down menu at the start of each chapter so students can proactively and seamlessly switch between levels while reading. GVRL’s custom collections tool lets customers further tailor this content by organizing books based on student needs, such as grouping the Spanish-language titles together or grouping by reading level.

Take a look at the text view and book view! Students can adjust the reading level for a just-right experience.


Learn more about the titles, request a trial or speak to a Gale Rep today >>


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