New Professional Development Collections from Solution Tree

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Gale recently partnered with Solution Tree, a premier provider of professional development resources, that strives to increase student achievement and ensure that every child in every school gets the world-class education he or she deserves.

Thanks to this partnership, instructors and administrators can better enhance their professional development eBook collection to further meet strategic goals. Explore over 100 must-have titles, from three collections, including top-sellers like:

Grading from the Inside Out
The time for grading reform is now. While the transition to standards-based practices may be challenging, it is essential for effective instruction and assessment. In this practical guide, the author outlines specific steps your team can take to transform grading and reporting schoolwide. Each chapter includes examples of grading dilemmas, vignettes from teachers and administrators, and ideas for bringing parents on board with change.

Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap: Liberating Mindsets to Effect Change
Ensure learning equality in every classroom so that factors such as economic standing and race don’t play a role in determining students achievement. Investigate previous and current policies designed to help close the achievement gap. Examine predominant mindsets that contradict school missions to promote equal academic opportunities, and consider the psychological impact this has on students. Explore strategies for adopting a new mindset that frees educators and students from cultural attitudes that reinforce negative academic performance expectations.

Poor Students Rich Teaching: Mindsets for Change
Discover practical and research-based strategies to ensure all students, regardless of circumstance, are college and career ready. This thorough resource details the necessary but difficult work that teachers must do to establish the foundational changes essential to positively impact students in poverty. Organized tools and resources are provided to help teachers effectively implement these essential changes.

With these, and other recently published titles from Solution Tree, educators can not only be inspired to teach, but to learn.

Interested in taking a closer look at the newest professional development collections available on GVRL? Get the complete list or request a quote by contacting your Gale Representative.NIKE AIR MAX

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